Avior transport cage for small dogs


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The Avior cage closes with an anti-escape security closure and has a sturdy handle for easy transport. Plastic transport cages are very easy to clean and are therefore a good alternative to transport bags. Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the Nobby Avior cage is ideal for transporting cats, small dogs, but also guinea pigs or rabbits.
Characteristics of the Avior transport cage for cats and small dogs:

suitable for cats, small dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits
sturdy plastic cage so your pet can travel comfortably and safely
can be opened completely or only on one side (front or rear): two large hinged openings allow the animal to easily enter and exit the cage
practical notches to attach the cage to a standard three-point seat belt and transport the animal in the car in complete safety
ventilation slots: for optimal air circulation and avoid heat build-up
small hatch on the top that allows you to stroke and reassure the animal or even give it treats
large compartment for storing various accessories, toys or treats
practical clip closure that prevents the animal from escaping
easy to clean
integrated sturdy handle
ergonomic design
comfortable access height for the animal
material: plastic
total dimensions: W 39.5 x D 57.5 x H 40.5 cm
internal dimensions: W 34 x D 53.5 x H 31 cm
entrance located at the front: L 30 x W 32 cm
entrance located at the back: L 39 x W 34.5 cm
small hatch to pet the animal: 10 cm in diameter


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