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Do you want to prevent your dog from getting out of the car during the journey and keep an eye on him?
This seat for small dogs, delivered with a soft imitation sheepskin cushion, is not only very comfortable but also guarantees maximum safety for both the dog and the driver during car journeys. Two straps allow the dog to be tied inside the seat to prevent it from jumping out of the seat during the journey. This seat will allow you to offer your dog optimal safety during your car journeys, but also to keep your living space clean. You will be able to spend a relaxed and safe trip since your dog will not be able to distract you by fussing in the car.
Thanks to the two adjustable straps and the clip closure, you can easily and quickly attach this seat to the passenger seat or the back seat. Its opening on the top will allow you to install your dog in peace and without stressing it. Your companion will still be able to see what’s going on outside and you can keep an eye on him. The three mesh windows, located on each side of the seat, allow good air circulation.
In addition, the seat is also fully collapsible for minimal bulk after use.
Offer your dog optimal safety during your car journeys and a place that is both comfortable and safe!

Features of the small dog car seat:

practical car seat with reversible cushion and fastening straps for small dogs
guarantees your dog optimal safety during car journeys: the animal cannot circulate in the car during the journey, the car remains clean, the driver is not distracted by the dog
Comes with a comfy faux sheepskin reversible cushion and a black fabric side with a removable, washable cover
attaches to the back seat or passenger seat
2 clips to hang the dog in the seat: adjustable, easy to close, prevent the dog from jumping out of the seat during the journey
2 fastening straps: with quick release buckles for easy opening, adjustable for optimal security, easy to remove and secure in the car
ideal for allowing you to observe your dog during your journeys
3 mesh windows: for good air circulation
easy to assemble: with iron stabilizer bars
open top: allows the dog to observe the outside during the journey
zippers to open the sides: quick to assemble, easy to use
fully foldable: easy to transport and store
maximum dog weight: 19 kg
material: 100% polyester, bottom: Oxford Fabric
car seat: black
reversible cushion: white/black
total dimensions: W 47.5 x D 38 x H 27.5 cm
internal dimensions: W 47 x D 37 x H 25.5 cm
top opening: W 47 x D 37 cm
side window: W 20 x H 8 cm
front window: W 24.6 x H 12.5 cm
weight: 1.24 kg


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