Curver Dog Carrier


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At the front of the basket are two more openings that your pet can also look through to enjoy the view during the ride.
Another opening is also located at the back of the basket so that you can always stay in contact with your animal. It’s big enough to fit your hand through, but no cat or dog can fit through it. You will be able to stroke your pet and reassure him through this opening, which can be useful when you go to the vet and your little companion does not feel comfortable. In the event of long journeys, you can also offer food to your pet through this opening so that you do not have to take it out of the basket.
The carrying handle will allow you to easily lift the basket out of your car once you arrive at the vet.

Characteristics of the Curver transport basket for dogs and cats:
transport basket for cats, small dogs and other small animals
large lid: to deposit and extract your animal in all serenity
small additional hatch: to stroke your pet or offer it food during the journey
“Easy Car” system: can be attached to a car seat with the seat belt
openings on the lid: allows the animal to look outside and reassures it
structured surface: ensures good air circulation
integrated carrying handle: allows you to comfortably transport the basket
elegant rattan look design: brings a zen style to your interior
colors: black, white
material: plastic
total dimensions: L 51 x W 38 x H 33 cm
internal dimensions: L 34 x W 20 x H 30 cm
passage: L 35 x W 30 cm
maximum load: 10 kg


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