Ferplast Atlas Car Scenic transport cage for dogs


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There’s nothing better than going on a mop with your dog! Even in the car, your pet’s safety is paramount. Your dog will feel perfectly at ease in the Ferplast Atlas Car Scenic transport cage. It is very spacious and has ventilation slots all around the cage which ensure optimal air circulation and will allow you to keep an eye on your pet during the journey. It comes with a hygienic mat that will keep your dog’s paws clean. Its lock reassures the dog and guarantees maximum security. The Ferplast Atlas Car Scenic transport cage is ideal for anyone who likes to travel!

Characteristics of the Ferplast Atlas Car Scenic transport cage, black color for dogs:
practical car transport cage
2 sizes available:
80: for a medium-sized dog or 2 small dogs, maximum load: 20 kg
100: for a large dog or 2 small or medium-sized dogs, maximum load: 40 kg
optimum safety: sliding mesh door with safety lock, can only be opened from the outside
stability: plastic transport cage with metal grid
hygienic mat included: bottom lined with plastic, allowing water and urine to drain away
airy and bright: grid on each side of the cage to allow dog to observe its environment
side ventilation slots: ensure optimal air circulation
lowered entry: facilitates access for small dogs and older dogs
versatile: removable sliding door to transform the cage into a doghouse
inclined shape: adapts to the inclination of the car backrest
equipped with practical handles on the sides


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