Trixie Gulliver dog carrier


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With the Gulliver transport cage, your companion will arrive at its destination in complete safety!

The clip closures of the Gulliver transport cage ensure very high security, even during long journeys. Plus, two spacious storage areas provide enough room to hold treats or other accessories.
A plastic bowl for water or food, which you can attach to the mesh door at the desired height, is delivered with the cage. The grid opens on the side of the cage and can even be removed completely. Screened windows of sizes 5, 6 and 7 are equipped with additional bars. The Gulliver dog and cat crate is approved by most airlines and meets IATA standards.

The cage is equipped with a carrying handle to pull it, so it is advisable to also order the set of wheels, for even easier use.

Characteristics of Gulliver Transport Cage Casters:
the set of castors is made up of two swiveling front castors with locking system and two fixed rear castors
the wheels are easy to mount without tools
castors are not included in delivery and must be ordered separately


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