Trixie Tinos transport cage for small dogs


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This two-tone Trixie transport cage is ideal for transporting your little friend to the vet or on vacation. It is made of plastic and comes in a very modern rounded design. Thanks to its stable and practical handle, you can easily transport your pet.
The transparent door opens from both sides and can also be completely removed. The drop-shaped ventilation slots allow optimal air circulation and good light inside the cage. This transport cage also has a non-slip bottom. Openings are provided to pass the seat belt and transport your animal in complete safety.
The shells are fixed together using four clips. This cage stores without taking up too much space, thanks to the side clips that allow you to separate the upper and lower parts.
The Tinos transport cage from Trixie is available in attractive colors that give it a trendy look.

Features of the Trixie Tinos transport cage:

transport cage for cats, small dogs or rodents
ideal for transporting your pet to the vet or on vacation
rounded and modern two-tone look
non-slip bottom
removable door: opens from both sides
optimal air circulation
maximum weight: 6 kg
cage weight: 1.1 kg
with handle
possibility of attaching a shoulder strap (not supplied)
possibility of fixing the cage with a safety belt
bottom shell: taupe
upper shell: light blue
door: transparent
material: plastic
vents: drop-shaped vents
hull attachment: 4 clips, separable hulls
total: W 35 x D 50 x H 32 cm
front door: W 23 x H 23.5 cm approx.
ventilation slots: W 2 x H 4 cm approx.


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